CUVZS Exotics Elective Grant Proposal


Purpose: The purpose of this grant is to encourage Cambridge vet students to undertake an exotics elective project in their final clinical year.

Due to the cost of travel, accommodation and research and the fact that there is currently little funding for this type of project, we feel that many are unable to perform research in this area.


Grant description: One Cambridge veterinary student in their fifth year of clinical studies will be awarded a grant of up to £500 to cover expenses incurred by carrying out an exotics elective project. At the discretion of the committee and the judging panel, this money may be split between multiple candidates (e.g. 2 x £250 for the two best applications). This money may be used to cover resources, travel, accommodation and any other costs deemed necessary for the project. 


Definitions: For the purpose of this grant, exotic species are defined as being one of the non-domestic animals, i.e. not a dog, cat, horse, cow, sheep, goat, pig, or commercial poultry. There will be some flexibility in this description, with the discretion of the selection committee.


Who can apply: Members of CUVZS in their 5th year of Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge University.


Selection Process: All proposals must be submitted in electronic form to the Electives Course Organiser (Judith Drinkwater, The course organiser will decide whether the submitted project is appropriate – if it is not, the applicant will be given the chance to review the project and resubmit. Applications will open on the 6th January and the course project must be received by the Electives Course Organiser by 10th February in the student’s fifth year. The Electives Course Organiser will then make the project proposal anonymous using a candidate number, and will send it to an independent selection committee.

The project which is considered to be best will then be awarded the grant, with the successful applicant announced no later than 31st March. Significant alterations to the project title, plan or a change of supervisor after this date must be approved by the selection committee; otherwise this may result in withdrawal of the grant. Should this situation arise, the grant would then be awarded to the second best applicant.


Selection Committee: The selection committee for 2020 will be Anna Meredith (the first President of CUVZS), Jonathon Sleeman (Cambridge Alumnus and Center Director for the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Wildlife Health Center), and Professor Matthew Allen (Professor at Cambridge University). This will be changed by the CUVZS committee as necessary in subsequent years, but will always be composed of at least 3 people. The selection committee should not be supervising any of the elective projects submitted for the grant. The Senior Treasurer of CUVZS, Judith Drinkwater, will oversee the selection process.


Selection criteria: The project will be assessed on feasibility and clarity, and should be well thought through.


Project Proposal Format: The applicant should fill in the Grant Application Form (please email the Webmaster at to be sent the form). The student must clearly define how their project is likely to benefit the health and/or welfare of exotic species and/or be of use in the field of exotic veterinary medicine.


Feedback: Constructive feedback will be given to unsuccessful candidates.


Transfer of Money: Up to £500 will be transferred to the applicant following receipt of purchase (e.g. a print-screen of the confirmation booking for flights etc.), which should be submitted to the CUVZS Committee Treasurer. Evidence should be provided for every purchase made. Under special circumstances, money may be transferred in advance of receipt of purchase, at the discretion of the CUVZS Committee and Senior Treasurer (e.g. for applicants who do not have enough money in their bank account to use their own money prior to being reimbursed); in this case any money not used for the purposes outlined in the budget proposal must be transferred back to CUVZS immediately. Any changes in the budget request must be applied for through the selection committee.


Review of the Grant: The grant-awarding process will be reviewed every Lent Term by the CUVZS committee and the CUVZS Senior Treasurer to decide on any changes that may need to be made.

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