CUVZS Conservation Symposium 19-20 January 2013

“In Situ Conservation: at Home and Abroad”

On Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th January 2013, Cambridge Vet School hosted an exciting weekend zoological symposium, focussing on in situ conservation.  In a changing world, in situ conservation is becoming increasingly important. Human activities are putting increasing pressure on the stability of the natural world and we appreciate that vets can play important roles in helping to protect ecosystems and conserve endangered species.

The Symposium attracted vet students from multiple UK vet schools and speakers from across the country.  Highlights included talks from BVZS President and TV Zoo Vet Matt Brash, IZVG Partner John Lewis, conservation experts at ZSL London Zoo, a talk from Harold Schwammer of Vienna zoo, practical classes on a range of exotic species, a controversial debate on the utility of wildlife rehabilitation and a three course meal with guest speakers.

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