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This week’s talk is being given by Livia Benato, who is coming to talk to us about some interesting small mammal case studies, hopefully looking at a range of small furry species.

Livia is a European Recognised Specialist in Small Mammal Medicine. She completed a residency at Edinburgh Vet School in rabbit and exotic animal medicine, worked for a year as Veterinary Officer for Chester Zoo and as a Univeristy Clinician at Glasgow Vet School. She now works as a small mammal and exotics Veterinary Associate at CityVets in Exeter.
This should be a really interesting, clinically relevant talk, so come along to LT2 at 6:30pm (6:15 for cake!). It’s free for members/£1 for non-members.
Click attending on the fb event here, so we know how much cake to bring!


In this week’s talk Sergio Silvetti will be coming to talk to us about avian cases that you might see in practice. Sergio is a first opinion exotics vet from Manor Vets, and is currently working towards his CertAVP in Zoological Medicine. He’s going to go though a range of intercative cases, from avian orthopaedic conditions to a case of tracheal resection and anastamosis in an Amazon parrot.

This should be a great chance to work through some clinical cases, and get a feel for what exotics practice can be like.

6:30 in LT2 (6:15 for cake), free for members/£1 for non-members