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Witness to Extinction

This week’s CUVZS talk will be given by Dr Sam Turvey, who will be talking about his work looking at past extinction events and the conservation of critically endangered species.

Dr Turvey completed his Phd with Oxford University Earth Sciences Department and currently works at the Institure of Zoology. His extensive research looks at causes of past extinction events, as well as the use of novel data sources to inform conservation action. He was one of the founders of ZSL’s EDGE of Existence Programme, which supports evolutionary distinct and globally endangered species. (Read more about his work here).

As part of the team of scientists on the last mission to survey river dolphin numbers on the Yangtze (which ended up declaring the species extinct), he authored the book “Witness to Extinction: How We Failed to Save the Yangtze River Dolphin”. Dr Turvey has first hand experience of the tragedy of the most recent large mammal extinction; come along to hear about his research into using all available evidence to avoid this happening in the future.

Talk starts at 6.30pm in the vet school (come at 6:15 for cake). Free for members and £1 for non-members. If your card won’t give you access to the vet school or if you get lost, ring 07796280776 and we can come and rescue you!

This week’s talk will be with Vets and Wildlife, who’ll be telling you about all the exciting opportunities they offer to vet students to do EMS abroad. They have a number of exciting projects in Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Egypt, which would be suitable for both pre-clins and clinical years – so there’s something for everyone! I’ve attached a list of their current projects if you’re interested – and come along to the talk to find out more!

As usual, talk starts at 6:30 (6:15 for cake), in LT2 at the vet school. Free for members, £1 for non-members.

This week’s talk will be given by Dr Peter Walsh, hailing from the Bio Anth Department here in Cambridge. His research looks at conservation of great apes and the dynamics of emerging diseases, such as Ebola, SIV and Malaria. This will be a fantastic talk, from a veterinary perspective as well as one of conservation and One Health.

We’re back to our usual routine, with the talk starting at 6:30pm in Lecture Theatre 2 at the vet school (come at 6:15 for cake!).

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