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Tickets for this year’s CUVZS Symposium are now on sale!

In Situ Conservation: At Home and Abroad – Sat 19th – Sun 20th January 2013

Head over to the Symposium page for all the details and the Registration page to get signed up.

Tickets are already selling fast so get yours now!

CUVZS would like to sincerely thank our Sponsors, without their kind generosity this event would not have been possible

Birds of Prey Day!

Last Saturday saw falcons, hawks and kestrels come swooping into the vet school!   Courtesy of ‘Flight of the Falcon Displays’, our attendees got to try their hand at bird of prey restraint, hooding, crop tubing and beak and talon trimming!  A specialist vet was also on hand to discuss veterinary related issues for birds of prey.

Check out the photos over in the Photo Gallery!