This week there’s not one, but two CUVZS talks!

The first will be at the usual time of 6:30 (6:15 for cake) on Thursday (20th) in LT2. The talk will be given by Liz Blows and Simon Dudhill and they will talk about their work at the raptor foundation, they’ll also be bringing live birds! The raptor foundation is a sanctuary for injured wild raptors. They are responsible for the hospitalisation, rehabilitation and release programs there. They’re going to be talking about patient admission, initial assessment and assessment following treatment/rehab, final release, and some case studies of animals seen at the foundation. They are also bringing in some of the birds to show us in the riding school afterwards! This should be good for people interested in raptors, but also for people just looking to go into general practice as wild raptors do get brought into practice quite frequently.

The second talk will be on Friday (21st) lunchtime (1-2pm) also in LT2. It will be given by Will Fowlds and is entitled “Life as a wildlife vet“, and will also include game capture course EMS info. Will is a wildlife vet from South Africa and he’ll be talking about his life as a wildlife vet, and will be giving some information about the game capture course that he runs. Cambridge students have gone on this course in the past and have really enjoyed it – it’s the one that Siobhan talked about in the “I Know What you Did Last Summer” CUVS Talk.

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