Next CUVZS committee…

The time has come to elect a new committee for next year! 4th years: sign up for committee positions on the sheet on the CUVZS notice board in the SRC. Hustings will take place on the Friday 13th Feb.

Forensics practical

Unfortunately due to lack of interest the forensics practical tomorrow has been cancelled. Anyone who did sign up should have received an email.

The rabbit surgery day is going ahead, and there are still a few spaces.

Fish Medicine

The next talk will be on Thursday 5th Feb and will be given by William Wildgoose on the subject of fish medicine.

The talk will be a basic approach to ornamental fish medicine. Ornamental fish covers both pet fish and aquarium specimens. William is a big name in the fish vet world – he’s a contributor to the BSAVA manual on ornamental fish and is a fish medicine specialist. Most people would have no idea what to do when a fish is brought to your practice, so this will be a great opportunity to learn some of the basic conditions you can expect to see, and how to treat them! Something you wont be taught in the veterinary course.

As per usual the talk will begin at 6:30. Come to LT2 for cake and drinks at 6:15.

Talks are free for members and £1 for non-members.


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