Membership of CUVZS is open to any member of the University, not just vet students.

Membership Benefits:

  • FREE entry to all talks
  • PRIORITY BOOKING for all events
  • DISCOUNTED entry for all events

Membership Prices:

LIFE Membership:

  • Freshers: £35
  • 2nd Years (and graduate freshers): £29
  • 3rd Years (and graduate 2nd years): £23
  • 4th Years: £17
  • 5th Years: £12
  • 6th Years: £7

ANNUAL Membership: £7 per year

How to join

  • First year vet students can join during the freshers’ day at the vet school (cash or cheque)
  • At any of our talks – just speak to one of the committee (cash or cheque)
  • Cheque (with name, crs id, and college) to Tamsin Banner’s pigeon hole at the vet school
  • ONLINE by filling in the form below and then making a bank transfer (details will be emailed to you)

Cheques should be made payable to “Cambridge University Veterinary Zoological Society”.

Non-members are very welcome to come to any events that we organise, although we will ask for £1 per talk, and you will be expected to pay the full price for any other events.

As we are a not-for-profit organisation and receive no University funding, all monies received are used to pay for the talks and events that we hold. If you have any queries about becoming a member, please send us an email.