We hope you’ve had a restful Christmas vacation and are returning to Cambridge bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. This year is going to full of exciting exotic events!

Firstly is the CUVZS Southern Veterinary Zoological Society Symposium. This will take place from 27th-28th February, with an exciting range of talks and practicals from speakers at the forefront of their field.

Tickets are on sale to Cambridge students from 6th January and to students from other universities from 8th January. There are only 80 tickets, so email CUVZSoc@gmail.com to book your place!

In other news, we our pleased to announce our proposal for an exotics elective grant to encourage Cambridge vet students to undertake an exotics elective project in their final clinical year. The deadline is 1st February 2016, so download the form (Exotics Elective Grant January 2016), and check out the page for more information.

There won’t be a talk on Thurday this week; talks will start again on 14th January. A new termcard will be out as soon as possible!

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