The 2016/17 Committee is trialling an EMS ‘Buddy Search’ system this year. We are aware that many exotics EMS placements tend to be abroad, and it can sometimes be quite daunting to travel and spend considerable periods of time in what is likely, an unfamiliar setting on your own. It is often a lot more comforting and fun to travel and complete placements with a friend! If you are planning on doing some EMS and would like to find a buddy to come with you please get in contact with Hannah Harberd (hh361@cam.ac.uk), who will forward you the login details to access the ‘EMS Buddy Search’ page where you can enter your name, contact details, and details of the placement (including prospective dates). Similarily, email if you are interested to access the page to see what EMS opportunitiesĀ  you may want to buddy up on.