This week’s talk will be given by Daniel Calvo Carrasco of Great Western Exotics, and will be entitled ‘Common Diseases of Budgies and Cockatiels‘. Budgies and cockatiels are the two most common avian species brought into practice, and financial limitations often prevent referral, so this should be a useful talk for everyone, not just those with a particular interest in exotics.

The talk will begin at 6:30. Come at 6:15 for Pizza.

Talks are free for members and £1 for non-members.

The first cuvzs talk of term will be on thursday.

The talk will be given by Joanna Hedley and will be entitled “First Aid for the Wildlife Casualty”

Here is a brief overview of what the talk will be about, from Joanna – Wildlife casualties can be presented to any vet at any time, varying from the smallest baby bird to a stranded whale. Patients are often critical and vets may need to make decisions and be prepared to act quickly in an emergency situation. This presentation will cover initial triage and stabilization of the wildlife casualty. This will include fluid therapy, nutritional support and provision of analgesia. Common emergency conditions will be discussed.

Sounds like it should be a good one, hope to see lots of you there!

As per usual the talk starts at 6:30, with cake and Drinks at 6:15

Talks are free for members and £1 for non-members.



On Saturday from 10am-1pm there will be a practical in the PM room on Exotics post mortems.

The practical will be run by Becky Lawson and Fernando and will include a ferret, hedgehogs, a lizard, a fawn, chinchillas, rats, domestic rabbits, raptors, songbirds, waterfowl and chickens. So basically, all you could ever hope for, and more.

The practical will be free for CUVZS members and £3 for non-members.

There will be 24 spaces available in total. Book Here

This week’s talk will be given by Sarah Pellett. She’ll be talking about “unusual species seen in practice”, plus she’ll hopefully be bringing along a racoon and a coati!

The Talk will be held in Seminar room 3 (not the usual LT2 as panto stuff will be happening in there)at 6:30

Come at 6:15 for Pizza! For those that don’t know where seminar room 3 is, if you arrive at 6:10 we’ll be outside LT2 to show you the way.

Talks are free for members and £1 for non-members.

The talk this week will be given by Iain Cope and will be entitled “Top ten commonest things seen in exotics practice” and will also include some of the more unusual cases he has seen. This will be an extremely useful talk for anyone planning on going into practice (exotics or not) – these are the commonest things seen so even normal general practices are likely to have these cases coming in.

As well as cats, dogs, rabbits and farm species, Iain’s work has included alpacas, lamas, chickens, children’s petting zoos and larger species in zoological collections. He then joined an exotics practice in London where he obtained his Certificate in Zoological Medicine. He then spent a year providing an exotics referral service for a large referral hospital, before joining Cambridge Veterinary Group in October 2013. Iain is passionate about conservation and education and has worked closely with wildlife and rehabilitation centres. He has also worked with injured marine mammals as an active Marine Mammal Medic.

As Usual, the talk will be at 6:30, with cake and drinks at 6:15.

Talks are free for members and £1 for non-members.

This week there’s not one, but two CUVZS talks!

The first will be at the usual time of 6:30 (6:15 for cake) on Thursday (20th) in LT2. The talk will be given by Liz Blows and Simon Dudhill and they will talk about their work at the raptor foundation, they’ll also be bringing live birds! The raptor foundation is a sanctuary for injured wild raptors. They are responsible for the hospitalisation, rehabilitation and release programs there. They’re going to be talking about patient admission, initial assessment and assessment following treatment/rehab, final release, and some case studies of animals seen at the foundation. They are also bringing in some of the birds to show us in the riding school afterwards! This should be good for people interested in raptors, but also for people just looking to go into general practice as wild raptors do get brought into practice quite frequently.

The second talk will be on Friday (21st) lunchtime (1-2pm) also in LT2. It will be given by Will Fowlds and is entitled “Life as a wildlife vet“, and will also include game capture course EMS info. Will is a wildlife vet from South Africa and he’ll be talking about his life as a wildlife vet, and will be giving some information about the game capture course that he runs. Cambridge students have gone on this course in the past and have really enjoyed it – it’s the one that Siobhan talked about in the “I Know What you Did Last Summer” CUVS Talk.

This weeks talk will be given by Mitch Price from The Meerkat and Reptile Experience. The talk will be about Reptile Husbandry, and there will be Live Reptiles for people to play with practice handling.

The talk starts at 6:30 with cakes and drinks at 6:15.

Talks are free for members and £1 for non-members.

This week’s talk will be given by Chris Knott.

Chris Knott is a pathologist specialising in exotics. He has a wealth of experience in the pathology of exotic mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates. The talk will be great if you’re a pre-clin, hopefully it’ll make histology and pathology seem a bit more relevant! And for clinical students the chance to get some exposure to exotic animal diseases, which is fairly minimal during the course.

As per usual there’ll be cake and drinks at 6:15 and the talk will begin at 6:30.

Talks are free for members and £1 for non-members.

This week’s talk will be given by representatives from Vets and Wildlife.

Vets and Wildlife are a company which organises EMS opportunities with wildlife vets around the world. They’ll be talking about the exciting projects they’ll be running in places such as South Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Egypt.

As per usual there’ll be cake and drinks at 6:15 and the talk will begin at 6:30.

Talks are free for members and £1 for non-members.

Thanks to all those who turned up to monday’s talk on cetacean strandings- we had a really good turnout.

The next talk will be given by our very own David Williams!

David will be talking about invertebrate medicine and the interesting invertebrates you might have to deal with in exotics practice.

It will be at the normal time of 6:30 in LT2 up at the vet school.

Arrive early for cake and drinks at 6:15!

Talks are free for members and £1 for non members.


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